Thursday, October 13, 2011



A few weeks ago, I organized a bake sale at work which benefitted a great charity, Wayside Waifs.  If you haven’t heard of Wayside (you probably live under a rock.  or you just aren’t from Kansas City), they are a wonderful animal rescue group.  And who doesn’t love animal rescue groups.

Anyway, I decided I would also contribute to the bake sale, so I whipped up some sugar cookies with paw prints on them (cute, right?).

I know I’ve posted about my attempts at baking before, and shared the recipes before, but I’m sharing again.  Because I can.  I am slowly mastering the art of this baking thing…although it is still quite an ordeal.  I end up spending more than a couple hours on it each time.  But it’s actually pretty calming to me, and, well, the end result is delicious!

I started with this sugar cookie recipe.  The dough is amazing.  Not that I would eat it or anything.  But it’s delicious.


This is the recipe I use for my Royal Icing (and here is a little “how-to” that I use as well). 

From there, I just let the creative juices flow.  This time it came out in the form of paw prints, just perfect for a bake sale benefitting an animal shelter.


I think this batch turned out pretty well – every last one of them sold at the bake sale, and I didn’t hear any complaints. :)


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