Thursday, October 27, 2011

some family photos

so I went out on a limb this year, and decided to attempt to get some “family photos” of us…….myself.  You know, like a self-family-portrait (or something like that).

I wasn’t sure how it would go…but it seemed like a fun idea, so why not!  The husband was oh so excited.

I am actually pretty impressed with how they came out.  It only took 2 afternoons, a tripod, and a lot of running back and forth while trying not to look like I just ran back and forth (don’t have a remote for the camera just yet…) Although there were several poses that would have come out really awesome, but instead came out as a beautifully focused tree with two blurry people in front of them, I did manage to get a few good ones (you know, where we were actually in focus).  We even threw Daisy in for a couple of them!

I’m only showing you a few for now…I do have to save something for the holiday card you know. :)




I also ended up with some pretty stinkin’ cute shots of Matt and Daisy, which came out of the bazillion “setup” shots I took (while attempting to get the camera positioned, the settings changed, the timer set…)


These two do make a pretty cute couple………

I’ll post all the pictures from this “session” one of these days…if I don’t forget. :)

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  1. UM, talk about gorgeous... what a couple!! These are sooo good!! I absolutely love the first one... it's so soft and pretty!! I am jealous of your self-family-portrait skills!! Great job!!


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