Friday, January 8, 2010

{five on friday} 1.8.10 ~ part 2

Well, now that I've looked back on the year that was 2009...let's put that all behind us and talk about the promising future that is 2010!

2010 ~ Looking Forward
5 things that I am hoping for in 2010...not necessarily "resolutions", more like goals.

{one} DO something with my photography.
I feel like my photography skills are slowly starting to develop, and I want to continue that. I would like to hopefully take a class or two, but more so I would like to do something with what I have done so far. Some day I would love to have my own business, but I'm not there just yet. I do have a few ideas cooking, though, ways that I can get some experience, and do what I love. So stay tuned. :)

{two} Get (and stay) healthier.
I went on a huge kick at this time last year, trying to eat better, work out, etc. all in preparation for the big day. Well that day has come and gone, and lets just say I haven't *exactly* kept up with all of that stuff. So I would like to get back on the bandwagon. I have an awesome elliptical machine sitting in my house, that I will be getting back on, and I have also been snooping around looking for some healthier recipes as well (since I am the resident cook in the G household :). I'm not going to set an "I want to lose X pounds by X date" goal, because that mindset is what allows me to jump off the bandwagon in the first place. So I would just like for Matt and I to eat a little better, and work out a little more, just for an overall healthier lifestyle.

{three} Finish remodeling our home.
After getting our house broken into last year, we decided to fix up our house as best we could, get it on the market, and get out of the area we live in. Well, here we are a year later, still in our house. Obviously things haven't gone as planned, and after sitting down and taking a good hard look at things, we've decided that we just aren't quite ready to try to sell our house and buy a new one. So this year, I would really like to save up as much as we can, and finish some of the remodeling projects we've started, so that we are more comfortable in this home. After finishing the living room and 2 bedrooms, I am much more optimistic, and much less hating of our house (which for the record I did NOT participate in choosing...). So I know that once my kitchen and bathroom are updated, I will feel much better about staying in this home for a few more years. Luckily, I have quite a handy husband, who just so happens to specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodels. :)

{four} Save money.
I am notoriously bad at this. I have never been good at holding on to what money I have, I just always seem to find something I *need* whenever there is money in the bank account. So this year I am hoping that we can do better at budgeting, pay off some debt, and actually keep a balance in that dang savings account. We have 2 vacations planned for the year, as well as those remodeling projects I just mentioned that we will need to save for, as well as just general savings in case of an emergency. So hopefully with the help of Mr G, we can change my old ways and learn how to SAVE.

{five} Think about starting a family.
I'm not saying we are ready for a baby right now (ahem, MOM!), but we are ready to start thinking about it. I mentioned in my previous post how excited I am to have a niece, and how excited I am for her to have a cousin, so hopefully we can work it out so the 2 kiddos will be somewhat close in age. :) Plus I think it will be a long road for us to get pregnant, so we'll probably need to give ourselves some time (and ever since I was younger I've said I want to have kids before I'm the clock is officially ticking...5 years and counting!). So, Mom, don't get too excited, just know that we're officially thinking about it. :) Things happen when they are supposed to, so I'm just going to put my trust in that, and let nature take it's course!

I have about a million more goals/resolutions/plans/whatever you want to call them for 2010, but these are the top 5 that I want to focus on. Hopefully at this time next year I can look back and see that I've accomplished them. :)

I hope everyone out there has a fabulous Friday, and a wonderful weekend! And if you are in the KC area, try to stay warm! (with the current temperature at -2, that's easier said than done...)

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