Monday, December 16, 2013

Lilly's first Thanksgiving

Gobble Gobble!

Let me just say, that this holiday could not have come at a better time in this kid's life.  She is finally getting the hang of eating solid food, and LOVES TO EAT, so this holiday had her name all over it.  And her shirt - gobble gobble gobble - very fitting, as that's just what she did.

We started our day off at Mama T's for Thanksgiving lunch with the family.  Lilly enjoyed turkey, mashed potatoes & green beans.  She happily ate alongside everyone else, and just all around enjoyed herself.  I'm telling you, put food in front of this girl - she's a happy camper.

We came home from our first Thanksgiving celebration and started preparing for the next.  Not only was it Lilly's first Thanksgiving, it was our first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  We had Matt's side of the family over for dinner, and it was so much fun. :)  Before the table was full of food I thought it was only fitting to sit the baby on it for a photo op....

Or 3. :)

Anyway, as I said this was our first time hosting - aka my first time cooking - Thanksgiving dinner. I had lots of help from my wonderful Mother in Law and Sister in Law, so it really wasn't bad at all.  My biggest fear was messing up the turkey, but I think we did ok!  Matt even looked like a pro carving it up...

And, once again, Lilly gobbled her food right up.  I think she tried a bit of everything at this meal, and holy cow did we have tons of food.  She had more turkey, ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, stuffing, bread...and I don't even remember what else.  As you can see, she was one happy turkey. :)

All in all, I think everything turned out great!  It was so fun to have our house full of family, and I certainly wouldn't mind hosting again.  

And I think Lilly will agree with me that Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays out there.  Any holiday that centers around eating is a winner in our book.  :)

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