Thursday, December 19, 2013

{39 + 40 + 41 weeks}

Can I take a minute to complain about how difficult these pictures are getting to take??  Don't get me wrong, I love this project, and already love looking  back to see her change from week to week, however it's a real pain in the arse to get the picture these days.  For one, our weekends seem to fly by and I am constantly forgetting to take the picture on Sundays.  So then Monday rolls around and I realize I have to try and squeeze it in after work - well it gets dark at like 2 in the afternoon these days so I don't have a chance of using natural light when I get home at 5:30, and I HATE using a flash. But I do, and just deal with shadows and harsh light.  But worst of all, this kid does not like being on her back, and REALLY does not like staying still.  So getting her to lay down, look at me, and not roll over and crawl away in 2.5 seconds is pretty much a miracle.  This was so much easier when she was a tiny blob of a newborn and just laid there for me to take endless pictures.  SIGH.

It may be a giant pain in my butt, but it will all be worth it I know.  :)

{to see all of Lilly's weekly pictures, click here}

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