Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lilly's first Halloween

well, Fall is now officially upon us, and you know what that means... HOLIDAYS!  This year has already been so much fun experiencing all of Lilly's "firsts", and I won't lie, I'm ridiculously excited for the next couple of months. :)

First up is Halloween ~ on my top 5 list of favorite holidays for sure.  This year was even more fun, because now I have a little person to dress up!  We went to our group of friends' annual Halloween party {yes, we brought the baby} and sported our family costume...

We were Germans. ha.  so clever, aren't we?  Our costumes are store-bought - yes Matt is wearing stockings - and I made Lilly's.  leftover fabric + a onesie + a hot glue gun = German baby {aka baby German}

Of course Lilly couldn't just have one costume.  On Halloween night she also dressed up:

As a flower :)  {are you sensing a theme with my costume inspiration...?}

We went trick-or-treating with Lexi, but of course being past this girl's bedtime, I'll let you guess how she spent the evening.  Let's just say there was less candy eating, more snoring. :)

Before we went out on the town, though, I had to squeeze in a quick little photo session to document my girl and her first Halloween.

 I decided to try painting pumpkins this year rather than carving {although Matt of course still carved one...must be a guy thing}.  Lilly got this purple one, and then I painted one white with a G.  I thought they came out pretty stinkin cute!  {and by "I painted", I mean "Matt painted", just for the record. he's the resident painter around here, I just come up with the ideas.}

And this last picture just cracks me up.  No idea what is happening here, but her face and pose is pretty much priceless.  Saving this one for the senior yearbook. :)

Hope you had a fun and not-too-scary Halloween!  I'm off to go eat another Kit Kat bar.  Or two.

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