Thursday, November 7, 2013

{8 months}

It was another busy month for this baby - between trying tons of new foods, starting to crawl, starting to wave & clap, and her first Halloween, she's been a busy girl!  It feels like she is learning something new every day at this point, I'm constantly amazed!  She is now all over the place, crawling like crazy, and into everything.  Such a curious girl, she loves to explore.  She is still a happy happy girl, although it seems like teething is back which has caused a few fussy days here and there.  We still don't have any teeth to show for it, but the amount of drool and constant gnawing on anything and everything point directly to teething.  I'm starting to think she's going to wake up one day with a mouth full of teeth. :)

Stats ~  no doctor's appointment this month, but according to our {unofficial} measurements: 20.5 lbs

Size ~ still wearing 3-6 month and 6 month onesies, moving into 9 month pants and in both 6 and 9 month sleepers.

Sleeping ~ we are still fighting sleep...I guess it's the price to pay for the crazy amount of development going on.  She averages 10 hours a night, and lately that includes at least 1 (often several) wake-ups in the middle of the night. Her wake time in the morning has been inching its way up too - basically there's not a whole lot of sleeping going on in our house these days.  She's never been a great napper, and that hasn't changed much either, it's sort of a vicious cycle.
 I guess this is payback for all the long stretches of sleep we got in the newborn phase.  Oh and don't forget to throw daylight savings in the mix - I remember "fall back" used to be great because you always got an extra hour of sleep....ha!  Once you have a kid that goes right out the window. 
We have made one bit of progress in the sleeping department, though, she is now sleeping in her crib in her own room! Finally. :) It's going well so far, and I'm not waking up to check the monitor nearly as many times as I expected...

Eating ~
  she still eats breastmilk 5-6 times a day, and most nights also eats dinner with us.  On the weekends she'll often have breakfast, and she has finally started to partake in lunch at Mama T's on Saturdays.  Some of the new foods she's tried this month: apples, cheese (loved it), sweet potato, pears, cheerios, chicken, egg, yogurt, tomato, green beans, bacon (devoured it), and more.  We're to the point where she usually gets some of whatever we're having, along with a fruit or veggie of some sort.  She snacks on veggie straws and cheerios while I'm in the kitchen cooking in the evenings, as well.  She is finally starting to actually EAT some food, for the first month she mostly just played with it. 

Likes ~ both of her toy pianos, kisses on her sides (this gets the best belly laughs), looking at pictures of herself, crawling around and picking up the tiniest objects possible (the other day she literally picked a single dog hair out of the carpet. really???), the sign for "milk" (I guess it's the milk she actually likes, but every time I do the sign she gets way excited), her stuffed giraffe, story time with Daddy

Dislikes ~
 naps, being tired (this kid is the happiest baby on the planet, until she gets tired - then she immediately turns into Miss Cranky Pants), the car (this is hit or miss - either she's fine, babbles to herself and eventually falls asleep, or she screams bloody murder starting the minute you buckle her in.  I don't get it.)

Current Nicknames ~
 boog, boogie, Moe

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