Sunday, October 13, 2013

{7 months}

This was a busy month for our little booger! she figured out how to get up on her hands and knees & rock back and forth (and I'm sure will very soon be crawling), had her first runny nose, went to her first Chiefs game, ate solid food for the first time, and attended 2 weddings!  Whew!

{first chiefs game!}

{all dressed up for Aunt Jess' wedding}

She is really developing her little personality, and is constantly making friends everywhere we go.  She is curious about everything, and very determined to crawl.  I know it's coming any time now! She has done great at the various events she's been to this month, and we are constantly told how great of a baby she is.  Well, yeah! :)  Time is just flying by, but every day is so much fun with her!  The best part of my day is when I get home and she sees me and just squeals with delight.  Melt my heart!

Stats ~  no doctor's appointment this month, but according to our {unofficial} measurements: 19 lbs (!)

Size ~  still in 3-6 month, and mostly 6 month clothes. 3-6 month is getting small, so I’m trying to rotate through all of those outfits ASAP before she can’t wear them anymore.  I have a lot of 6 month things, but not much 6-9 months…guess it’s time to go shopping!

Sleeping ~ 
we are still working on this whole sleeping thing.  The past month hasn’t changed much, she’s been getting up earlier, naps are spotty, and she’s even started waking during the night here and there.  There are probably a lot of things to blame, and in the end I’m just hoping it’s a phase, albeit a long one, that will soon pass.  I really hope those 12 hour nights will come back to us eventually…

Eating ~
  we started finger foods shortly after her 6 month birthday, and it’s been going great!  She loves it.  Her first food was Avocado, and since then we’ve tried Banana, Egg, Peaches, Broccoli, Apple, and Cheese.  I’d have to say Cheese was her favorite of those, or the one she ate the most of anyway!  She still doesn’t actually “eat” much, but mostly just plays with her food and is working out how this whole eating thing works.  It’s very entertaining to watch, let me tell you.  See for yourself:  

I’m 100% happy with our decision to go with the Baby Led Weaning method, and can’t wait to keep introducing new foods to her!

Likes ~
 these haven't changed much...dogs, anything cold, Sophie, seeing herself in the mirror, "touchdown!", "talking", blowing raspberries, her blocks, bath time now that she can sit up and play with her bath toys.

Dislikes ~
 the car seat and diaper/clothing changes continue to be her nemesis, and if she’s playing with something and you take it away she usually isn’t too happy with you.  

Current Nicknames ~
boogie, Lilly bean, Moe (what little hair she has sticks up into a Mohawk after she gets out of the bath, and with that Daddy now calls her Moe.)

Hey, Moe!

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