Friday, May 3, 2013

{2 months}

Well, time continues to fly.  I can't believe it, but my girl is already 2 months old!  {you can just get used to these posts starting out with me talking about how quickly time flies...I don't imagine it's going to get any slower as she gets older...}

In the past month I think we've finally gotten into the groove of things, and I feel like she's getting out of that "newborn" phase {which is awesome and terribly sad all at the same time}.  We've officially made the switch to cloth diapers - and they are not nearly as bad as Matt  we thought.  In fact, they aren't bad at all!  Surprisingly, I don't really mind the extra laundry.  Speaking of laundry, our chunky monkey is pretty much officially out of all the newborn sized clothes, aside from some pants.  But as far as sleepers and onesies go, we have moved on to 0-3 month size, and I'm starting to worry that we won't be in them for long!  Lilly could care less, though, she is one happy baby.  She now smiles all the time, especially first thing in the morning {that she did not get from me...}.  She also 'talks' up a storm, it is quite possibly the cutest thing in the world.  :)

Stats ~ 12 lbs 2 oz {90th percentile!}

            23 1/2" long {90th percentile}
            15 3/8" head circumference {75th percentile}

Sleeping ~ we get luckier by the day in this department.  Right now, she is sleeping on average 9 hours at night. {yes, NINE!}  She has even gone longer than that a few nights.  I don't want to brag, because I know plenty of moms out there who are not this lucky, but I will just say it's glorious, and leave it at that. I'm still keeping my fingers {and toes} crossed that she continues to sleep through the night as she gets older...we haven't transitioned to the crib just yet, hopefully that doesn't throw a wrench in things!

Eating ~ still breastfeeding, and still going really well!  Obviously miss 90th percentile eats plenty :)  We'll have a few changes when I go back to work and she starts having to take bottles during the day, but I don't think she'll have any problems with that.  Pretty much, as long as she gets to eat, she's happy, regardless of whether it comes from a bottle or boob. :)

Likes ~ spotting mommy and daddy first thing in the morning {this is when we get the biggest grins, talk about a great way to start your day!}, bath time, evening bottle with dad, her activity mat.

Dislikes ~ having to stop eating to burp, getting woken up...yeah that's all.  Have I mentioned how happy this girl is?!  I guess we could throw shots in here...although who does like those?  She had her first round of them at her 2 month appointment - honestly, it was probably harder on us than on her.  She screamed bloody murder for about 3.5 seconds, and once she was able to get some mommy and daddy snuggles and nurse, she was a-ok again.

Current Nicknames ~ Lilly bean, Boogah, Boog, Boogah Woogah {no idea where Boogah came from, Matt just said it one day and it stuck.  and then of course I took it and ran with it, with several variations just for good measure :) }

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