Wednesday, February 2, 2011

snow day!

If you live anywhere near the Kansas City Metro Area, then you too probably had a snow day recently.  Ok, if you live anywhere in the Midwest you probably had a snow day.

(In case you live under a rock, a giant blizzard blew through the Midwest yesterday.)

As if we hadn’t already had enough snow this year, Mother Nature decided to dump another foot of snow on us.  Gee, thanks.

In honor of the snow days, I thought I would stick with the theme – so, here are some images from the snow day round 1 (at the time, it seemed like we had gotten a ridiculous amount of snow, but looking back: eh, that was nothin’)

bgIMG_2281  bgIMG_2231 

Check this massive icicle out – holy moly


bgIMG_2261  bgIMG_2262

And of course, my little snow bunny


Now, some pictures from today:





And, just to give you the full blizzard effect, a (bad) photo looking out our front window:IMG_2334

Unfortunately, the snow day fun is all over and tomorrow I must return to good ol’ work.  (Can you tell how excited I am…)

Here’s to hoping that the blizzard fun is over for Mother Nature, and we can move our way on to Spring…I think we’ve all had enough snow for one year.

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