Friday, September 3, 2010

Here We Go…

Any big plans for the long Labor Day weekend? I will be venturing to the lake this evening, and spending some quality time with the husband, the water, and my favorite little munchkin. Oh, and her parents too. ;)

Then, once we get's go time...

In T minus 3 days, we will officially be starting our bathroom remodel.



Can you tell I’m just a *little* excited? :)

When I say "bathroom remodel" I don't mean slap-a-new-coat-of-paint-on-the-walls-and-buy-new-towels kind of remodel, I mean know, like, the definition of remodel. (And when I say "we" I really mean "he", because well, we all know that Matt will be doing most of the work. Although I am fully prepared to go get that, and hold this, and of course keep the husband stocked with food and drink at all times. That's what wifeys do during remodels, right??)

(I chose the paint color on the left, by the way – Sherwin Williams “Sporty Blue”)

And I know what you're thinking: That crazy lady doesn't post anything for a whole MONTH and then she goes and posts 2 days in a row?! What the heck! What can I say...I'm on a roll. Stay tuned for remodeling updates, and hopefully lots of lovely lake photos from Labor Day Weekend. I mean, I am off work for a whole week, and it's not like I have an entire bathroom project to help out with or anything...

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