Sunday, February 1, 2015

{365 project} ~ January

Last year, I downloaded a "photo 365" app and took a picture every day of the year, which was then saved in a calendar on my phone each month.  I loved the concept, and it is so fun to go back and look through each month's worth of photos.  I posted each month's calendar on Instagram last year, but this year I think I will post here.  On Instagram they were just such tiny pictures, and here at least they will be a little more visible (although still pretty small, sorry!)  

The app I'm using this year says it will make a photo book for me at the end of the year, which also sounds pretty fantastic to me!  So anyway, I am hoping to actually stay on top of posting this monthly, and creating a fun little series of posts full of memories to look back on. So let's kick this off - here's January!

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