Wednesday, September 18, 2013

{6 months}


Happy half birthday to my baby girl!  (what? HALF BIRTHDAY? How can 6 months have already gone by?!  It's not possible!!!!)  I can't believe it's already been 6 months with this kiddo in our lives.  It's flown by, yet I can barely remember what life was like without her.  She has been SUCH a blessing to us, and I thank my lucky stars every day.  I never realized how much happiness a little person could bring into my life.  And now that I'm crying, let's move on to this month's update, shall we?

I've heard other moms say it, and I finally am at that point too - every month that passes becomes my favorite!  She just gets more and more fun and interactive as she grows, and I love it!  This month she has accomplished a lot, but has also suffered through a lot of teething.  She is a trooper though, and has kept smiling through it all.  We've regressed a bit in the sleep department, but I think teething and a growth spurt are to blame, so I can't complain too much.  She is now sitting up completely on her own, has started babbling 'da da da' and 'ma ma ma', and will be starting solid foods any day now.  (While I love all of these things, they also make her seem SO grown up to me, and I can't take it!  Stop growing up so fast, child!)  She had another first this month - her first plane ride!  I had to take a trip for work, and instead of leaving her for 3 days/2 nights which sounded like torture, she and Grandma tagged along for the trip.  She did GREAT the whole time!  I have a few pictures to share, eventually I'll get caught up and post those. :)

Stats ~  17 lbs 8 oz {75th percentile}
             26 1/8" long {50th percentile}                  
                17" head circumference {75th percentile}

Size ~  finally made it into 3-6 month, along with some 6 month things that are a little big. I am constantly surprised by how things fit her, and usually at a loss on what size to buy for the upcoming season.  I've been buying a ton of 6 month things for fall, so naturally she will probably grow a ton in the next week or so and won't be able to wear any of it.  sigh.

Sleeping ~ we may have skipped the 4 month sleep regression, but she has had her own little regression this month.  She is getting up earlier now, usually between 5-6am, and sometimes starts fussing even before then but usually just needs some comforting.  I really do think the teething and a growth spurt are the cause for this, so I'm patiently waiting for it to pass. :)  We got her an Amber teething necklace, which is supposed to help with pain relief and calming, and I do think it is helping (Matt, however, thinks it's just some crazy hippie thing...what does he know?!).  She's been wearing it since Labor Day weekend, and I have noticed less drool, less general fussiness, and better sleeping since then.  Unfortunately it isn't the miracle cure I was hoping for, but it is certainly helping, and I like it better than giving her Tylenol all the time.  (We have yet to actually see a tooth break through, but I'm convinced like 6 of them are going to pop up any day now.) She is still sleeping in the Pack N Play in our room...I swear she'll move into her own crib one of these days.  I was all ready to do it at 6 months, but then this sleep regression stuff started, and hell if I'm getting up and walking into the other room at 3am to give her a binky when I could just lean over the side of the bed to do it.  So yeah, still working on that... :)

Eating ~  we will be starting solids any day now!  I read the Baby Led Weaning book, and it is definitely the method for us.  It is basically just skipping over cereal/oatmeal/purees and starting with table food, allowing baby to feed herself.  She is already watching us like hawks when we eat, and everything she grabs goes straight to her mouth, so I think she is definitely ready.  I can't wait to see her take her first bite of food - don't worry, I will be sure to get her reaction on video. :)  Otherwise she is still eating 5-6 times a day, 3 bottles (4oz each) and 2-3 nursing sessions.  On the weekends she almost exclusively nurses, unless I have to leave her with someone.

Likes ~ dogs, anything cold, Sophie, grabbing her binky and putting it in her mouth all by herself, seeing herself in the mirror, "touchdown!" (silly thing Daddy and Grandma do to make her laugh), eskimo kisses (taught to her by Grandma G, and I swear she totally does it back!), her new piano toy that she sits at, "talking", blowing raspberries, and I swear the girl can roll her Rs better than I can.

Dislikes ~ teething (we hate it too!), lately she isn't a fan of getting in the carseat, but once she's buckled in with Sophie in hand she's fine.  And usually asleep within 20 minutes.  She also isn't digging diaper changes lately - she squirms all around, and the girl is DETERMINED to get her hands on the wipes container behind her.  All of this makes for very interesting (and sometimes messy) diaper changes.

Current Nicknames ~ boogie and Lilly Bean have been the top ones lately.  We are trying to actually use her name the 6 month check-up they asked if she responds to her name.  Uhh, sort of? was my answer.  I have since learned that she totally does, you just have to actually say Lilly, instead of Boogie, Boogaboski, Boo boo, etc. :)  For the record, she responds to both her actual name, AND her nicknames.  All 700 of them.  thankyouverymuch.

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