Friday, May 20, 2011

another backyard photo shoot

On another fun evening with the munchkin, I decided to have an impromptu photo shoot in the back yard again.  This time I had a plan – I had a really great Mother’s Day gift in mind for Lexi’s mom.  Well, that idea worked a lot better in my head, so it will probably be tucked away for next year (when I have more time and a slightly older and more sit-still-capable child on my hands).  I did end up with a few great shots, and we still got a great Mother’s day gift out of it all.

bgIMG_2828  bgIMG_2829

Have I ever mentioned the many facial expressions of this child :D


This one (in black and white) ended up making an appearance in a beautiful homemade picture frame for a one of a kind Mother’s day present.  I think the best part about the photo is how dirty those hands are. :)  The kid is completely at home when she is outside, getting dirty.  My kind of girl.


This one is an all time favorite.

Of course Daisy and Lexi have become good friends (in a why-do-you-always-come-over-here-and-play-with-my-toys kind of way).  This next series just cracks me up.


“Hmm, child playing in my yard, wonder what she’s doing”

“She has a bucket.  I wonder what’s in the bucket”

“Oh.  There’s sand in the bucket.  And my toy.  I’ll take that…”


And of course, Daisy saw the camera and said “oh, you’re taking pictures?  great!  I’ll just pose myself right here…yes that’s perfect”


I'm ready for the spring/summer weather to stick around so that I can keep getting out there with the camera.  Enough of this cold, snowy, stay inside business.

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