Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Birthday BBQ

The hubby celebrated his (28th!) birthday last week.  I would have had this post up sooner, but a nasty cold decided to take up residence in my head, making last week not-so-productive.  Anyway, the weekend before his birthday we had the family over for burgers and birthday fun!  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day…

Matt Bday_0015 copy

First of all, check out the awesomeness that was his cake!!  Yes, that is grass (made out of frosting!) and 3 (white chocolate!) golf balls on top!!

Matt Bday_0006 copy

Once again, Annie O. did not disappoint!!  Oh and by the way, the cake was DELICIOUS.  I repeat, DELICIOUS.

The birthday boy showing off his cake…just before it was devoured. :)

Matt Bday_0030

I thought this was a really cute capture of the little one lovin on her GrandmaMatt Bday_0026 copy

And this is my other niece, Jordan, with her adorable little doggy, Dre

Matt Bday_0038 copy

Does this girl not have model written all over her??  Look at those eyes…

I really like this next shot – I tried out Pioneer Woman’s PS action “seventies”

I am in love…

Matt Bday_0039 copy

I may or may not be slightly obsessed with this look now…

Anyhoo - what birthday would be complete without the presents?!

Matt Bday_0055 copy 

Matt’s parents got him a money clip…as a joke (hence the ha ha, very funny look on his face – hee hee!).  There may have been an “incident” a few weeks ago involving high winds and a $100 bill belonging to Matt’s dad.  Let’s just say it didn’t end well…

On a happier note, let me just tell you that my husband is probably the easiest person to shop for on the planet.  If it involves tools, golf or tailgating – he will love it. 

Exhibit A: Tailgating game. 

Matt Bday_0050 copy

What happened not 30 minutes after he unwrapped it?

Matt Bday_0069 copy

The assembly began.  Followed by a fun family game of “Ladder Ball” (such an original name, isn’t it?)

Matt Bday_0080 copy Matt Bday_0085 copy Matt Bday_0090 copy

As you can see, Daisy found this game to be pretty intense.  She pretty much just assumes any round object being thrown is meant for her to chase.  Then when she got tied up so as not to chase every ball down (even jumping on the “ladder” to grab them!) she thought barking ferociously at them would do the trick.  Yeah.  That’s my dog.

Well, if you ask me, we had ourselves the official start of summer with this BBQ!  Of course it has rained pretty much non stop since that day, but still.  It’s got to end sometime, right??  And when it does?  Bring on another BBQ.

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