Thursday, August 20, 2009

A tribute to my fishies

So I had this really LONG and drawn out post put together, but I decided it was lame-o. This topic really doesn’t deserve that long of a post, and no one really deserves to have to read it. :)

So. Long story short – we had to give our fish away recently. We’re remodeling, and anyone who has a fish tank knows how much of a PAIN they are to move, so we decided to take it down and not put it back up until we move (and who knows when that will be). The hubby took our little guys to the evil Petland (only because –not surprisingly- they were the only place that would take them), and hopefully they will go to another good home some day. I took a few pictures of the guys before they left us, just so I’ll have something to remember them by. Yes, I know I’m a dork.

Here's (a not so good) one of our set up. I just wanted to remember what the thing looked like before we took it all apart.

And here are a few (also not so good, but not terrible either) of the poor guys...

Hello eyeball...

Honestly I'm not sure if this is the same fish as above, or his brother. They kind of look the same...

And our loyal sucker. He was the nice one...

I will admit, I never really liked these fish. They are kind of ugly, and frankly quite mean (they ate their 3rd counterpart!). They were my pets though, so I actually am going to miss them. At least we were able to give them away (even if it was to a store who sells puppies that came from puppy mills!), and I didn’t kill them like I did our last bunch (long story…).

Bye bye my little fishies...I hope you make some family very happy somwhere.

And I'm done being a loser now.

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  1. back in college my roomie and i paid tribute to a fish we had for just over three days...three days was the amount of time in which you could return them to wal-mart...jessie jumped 3 hours following that deadline. damn wal-mart conspiracy!!


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